WTY Austin Policies

Sat Nam. Welcome to White Tantric Yoga® in Austin. We are glad that you are here.

In order to enhance your experience, please respect the environment and energy field as a sacred space and honor the following:

  • Photos and video recordings are not allowed. This means during the kriyas, breaks and during warm-ups, and includes ‘selfies’, photos of facilitators and photos of participants in lines. Photos are allowed outside of the room.
  • Cell phones must be turned off. If you are a doctor or expecting an emergency call you can check your phone during the breaks. Vibrating phones disturb others’ meditation.
  • Please refrain from using any aromatherapy as many participants are allergic.

The facilitator is always available for conversation and questions.

Following are the mantras and songs that are in the video today. Please familiarize yourself with them as soon as possible which will allow greater focus during the meditations. The ones that are to be chanted or sung aloud are indicated with a “*”.


(Nirinjan Kaur)

I bow to the Creator, I bow to the

Transparent guiding Teacher


I am Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful

Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful, I am

Ek Ong Kar

Sat Gur Prasaad

Anand Bhaiaa mayree maa-ay

Satiguru mai paia

Satigur ta paia sahaj seti

Man vajia vadhaia

Raag rataan parvaar paria

Shabad gaavan aia

Shabado ta gavoh Hari kera

Man jini vasaia

Kahai Nanak anand hoa

Satigur mai paia

There is One Creator of the Creation,

this is realized by the True Guru.

O my mother, I am in ecstasy,

for I have found my True Guru.

I have found the True Guru with ease

and within my mind resounds the music of bliss

With the music of jewels and crystals,

the celestial fairies hymn the Word.

They sing the Word of the Lord,

whom they enshrine in their mind.

Says Nanak: I am in ecstacy

for I have found the True Guru

GURU RAM DAS LULLABY (Recorded at KWTC 1980)

  1.  Close your eyes — it’s the end of another busy day.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of other children slept this way


With Guru Ram Das to protect them, keep them safe all through the night, Oh, Dhanna Dhanna Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnai

  1.  Meditate on Guru Nanak, may you love God with his clarity

Meditate on Guru Angad, may devotion fill your heart and set you free.


  1.  Meditate on Guru Amar Das, may none leave your house unfulfilled.

Meditate on Guru Ram Das, your prayers will heal the weak and the ill.


  1.  Meditate on Guru Arjun, His poem is a jewel beyond all worth.

Meditate on Guru Hargobind, you’ll find God on Heaven and on Earth


  1.  Meditate on Guru Har Rai, God and you will never be apart.

Meditate on Guru Harkrishan, His sacrifice brings compassion to your heart.


  1.  Meditate on Guru Teg Bahadur, no enemy shall disturb your inner peace.

Meditate on Guru Gobind Singh, defend truth ’til your soul is released.


  1.  Siri Guru Granth Sahib, may Gurbani be the love of this child’s life.

May it fill their hearts with wisdom, and courage to bear the tests of the time.

And Guru Ram Das, protect them, keep them safe all through this life,  

Oh Dhanna, Dhanna Guru Ram Das, Rakho Sarnai.